Calgary's Ambiance Beneath Aluminum Patio Covers

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Experience symphony of shade with our aluminum patio covers designed to withstand our diverse climate. Created with durable 10-year warranty, alongside powder-coated aluminum parts, each awning is custom-made here in Alberta, Calgary.


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Choose Exteriorsystems for top-notch patio covers that smoothly blend style and durability. Our covers, made with quality materials and expert craftsmanship, enhance both the look and practicality of your outdoor space.


ExteriorSystems set high standards in terms of design, colour, aluminum parts, wall integration, external shade & craftmenship.


Patio covers can be fully customized for extra comfort. So the it ensures optimum temperature even when you are not home.


Our patio cover installation allows for an even better and an long-term comfortable environment of your outdoor living.


We are Calgray's top certified patio cover contractors and installers in terms of license, insurance, familiarity with the industry

Years of Experience

Enhance Your Outdoor with Aluminium Patio Products

We are experts in patio enclosures, roofing, and construction, guaranteeing top quality that lasts.


Enhance your outdoor living space with our expertly crafted and professionally installed windows.

Sunroom Additions

Experience the joy of year-round outdoor living with our premium sunroom installations.


Elevate your patio with our stunning pergola installations, combining aesthetic functional design.
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Exterior Systems offers a line of aluminum patio products to provide a comfortable outdoor living space throughout our Canadian climates. Our patio products are made of high grade durable aluminum and offer added beauty and value to your property.

Our Recent Covered Patio Installation in Calgary

Elevate the beauty of Calgary's landscapes under our expertly crafted covered
patios by ExteriorSystems – redefining al fresco living.

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Comparison: Patio Covers Vs Pergola

Aluminum Patio Covers

Patio covers feature a solid roof, providing comprehensive protection against sun and rain for a fully sheltered outdoor space.

With a solid roof structure, patio covers are suitable for year-round use, ensuring a comfortable outdoor environment in various weather conditions.

Patio covers come in a variety of materials, including aluminum, wood, or vinyl, offering versatility in design and aesthetic preferences.

They can be customized for different styles and sizes, accommodating various outdoor spaces and allowing for additional features like lighting and fans.

Typically, patio covers involve a higher initial cost due to their solid roofing and enhanced functionality.

Aluminum Pergolas

Pergolas feature an open framework, providing partial shade and a more airy feel to outdoor spaces.

Pergolas serve as a decorative element, enhancing the visual appeal of outdoor areas and allowing for the growth of climbing plants.

Commonly constructed from wood or metal, pergolas offer a natural and aesthetic touch to outdoor design.

Pergolas provide flexibility in design, accommodating various shapes and sizes to complement the overall landscape.

Generally, pergolas have a lower initial cost compared to patio covers, making them an attractive option for those on a budget.

Top 8 Reasons to Choose ExteriorSystems for Aluminum Pergola & Patio Covers

Choose Exteriorsystems for top-notch patio covers that smoothly blend style and durability. Our covers, made with quality materials and expert craftsmanship, enhance both the look and practicality of your outdoor space.

Shelter from rain

Patio covers offer shelter for well-planned event from unplanned rain

Expand living space

You can chill and relax in this outdoor living expansion at any time of the day

Entertainment space

Gives extra space for entertain with family, friends, neighbors, guests

Family gathering spot

It is an outdoor spot where everybody enjoys treats & comfort

Protection from heat and UV rays

Acts as an additional barrier between the uv sunrays and the rest of your house

Protect Your Patio Furniture

Patio covers and enclosures can extend the lifespan of your outdoor accessories

Increase Your Property’s Value

Patio Covers not only enhance the look but also increase property’s value

Improve Aesthetics

Patio covers with hanging plants & outddor lighting feel nothing less than heavenly

Choose ExteriorSystems for Outdoor Patio Covers Installation

Explore the beauty of outdoor living with ExteriorSystems Calgary! We are your premier destination for top-notch outdoor patio covers and windows in Calgary. Transform your space into a stylish and comfortable oasis with our expert contractors.

FAQ's for Patio & Pergola Covers

A patio cover increases the length of time you can spend on your deck and the number of times you can use it. It keeps your outdoor furniture safe all year and improves the quality of your garden lifestyle.

Our patio coverings are designed to offer protection and survive the weather, whether it be blazing sunlight, torrential rain, or snowfall.

Patio covers provide full protection with a solid roof, suitable for year-round use. Pergolas offer partial shade and a decorative touch with open frameworks. The choice depends on your preference for full shelter or a more airy feel and your budget, as pergolas generally have a lower initial cost.

The installation time for a patio cover varies based on factors like design complexity and project size. It generally ranges from a few days to a couple of weeks. For a precise estimate, consult the installation team or contractor at Exteriorsystems.

We fulfill bespoke orders and offer a wide range of patio cover sizes. We first measure your patio area, talk with you about your needs, and collaborate with you to choose the right size.

Our team brings extensive experience and professionalism to making superior patio covers. We prioritize quality craftsmanship, ensuring that your patio cover not only looks great but also stands the test of time.

Yes. Pergolas can be attached to the side or back of your home. Get quote for specs & costs.

Our pergolas are waterproof and made from high-quality aluminium making them capable of withstanding even in harshest weather conditions

Bruce KaufmanBruce Kaufman
20:48 29 Aug 22
Albert and Spencer, thank you ever so much for your terrific service. Through both the egress windows and the stairs off of our push out your workmanship was second to none.You arrived on time, worked well each day, explained each step from planning to completion and consulted as necessary. Thank you! As more work comes available or neighbours are looking for home improvements we would not hesitate to recommend your company.
Lyndsey ELyndsey E
20:53 29 Jan 22
We needed to replace multiple windows in our home. Albert was great to work with. Responsive, honest, friendly and knowledgeable. Gave us a fair price. The team provided a high quality of work and we are very pleased. We will be using them again when we are ready to replace our next round of windows. Would definitely recommend.
Sean BainSean Bain
23:26 03 Jan 20
We had Albert install a new front door for us, looks great and fantastic quality.
21:10 21 Sep 19
I saw the work they did on my daughters house. I am beyond impressed with the final results. I highly recommend this company. Thankyou Albert and family for doing such a wonderful job!!
18:40 17 Sep 19
Oh. Em. Gee!! My new window and 2 doors are absolutely beautiful! Albert, Lisa & Spencer all did an absolutely incredible job on my home. Due to the age of my house, I was not sure what to expect, and sure enough we ran into a snag with my window but Exterior Systems went above and beyond for me, and when I say above and beyond, i mean WAY above and WAY beyond. They fixed the issue, and completed the job in 1 day and I could not be happier. Feels like a whole new house. I highly recommend this company, not only do they own it, they are the ones installing and they definitely take extra care to ensure the job is done right. Don't even waste your time shopping around, these guys are the best choice by far. Thank you SO much Albert, Lisa and Spencer!!
Kerry RomneyKerry Romney
04:20 20 Apr 19
We had Exterior Systems complete two window jobs for us. One job was to cut in and replace windows in a basement. The second job was to replace existing windows in a basement. Albert was professional and courteous from the initial meeting and his quotes was reasonable. He completed both jobs and made sure to clean up everything after. We have recommended Albert to neighbours and friends. Because we really liked the job Albert has done, we will be using Exterior Systems to install a patio cover in the next few weeks.
Nam GuiNam Gui
02:41 14 Apr 19
Absolutely brilliant work! Albert and Spencer came out to do a quote onsite for me and my wife. They were extremely professional and courteous. Their knowledge with anything and everything to do with house renovations is precise and extensive. Albert could build you a house from scratch. Not only are they unbiased with their advice, they give you careful and caring results. I decided to do my entire house with brand new trim and I absolutely love thier work! I really felt they were more than fair on price and their work speaks for itself. Worth every dollar! Thank you Exterior Systems! Thank you Albert and Spencer! Job well done! We highly recommend Exteroor Systems for any of your house renovation needs!

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