Referral Program

When choosing the right home improvement company there are so many ways to go about doing so. Although there are multitudes of reviewing websites, and no company is short of applauding what they do. We truly believe the most effective way to find the right person for the job is through the word of another satisfied customer. This is why we highly reward client referrals.

Our goal is that you are so delighted with our products and service we provided that you tell your family and friends about your experience with us. Each and every one of our clients receive our business cards with a short referral form on the backside. You can chose to write your name on the business card and have them give it to use physically or ask them to mention your name.

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If the person your refer does end up getting home improvement done by us, we will personally deliver a Cheque up to $500.


You may refer as many people as you would like and continue to get paid. Once the project is complete from your refer all you will receive a Cheque.


Referring friends or family to us is as simple as can be, just ask them to mention your name or give us the business card with your name on it. Easy as 1, 2,3…


Receive up to $500 for EACH and every refferal you make! Not only will you save on your heating bill from your window replacements over time but depending on how many referrals you are able to send, your renovations can cost you essentially nothing. We take pride in rewarding our loyal clients!