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Quality Vinyl Window Replacements for Your Calgary Home

Whether you’re purchasing, installing, replacing, or exploring fresh designs for vinyl windows for your calgary home, it’s important to prioritize quality that encapsulates the essence of good value. When considering new vinyl windows in Calgary for your residence, it becomes paramount to verify that the window manufacturer like ExteriorSystems provides a robust guarantee for the replacement windows.

Installation & Replacement

Professional installation of vinyl windows. Removal and disposal of old windows if it's a replacement project.

Sealing & Insulation

Proper sealing to prevent air and water leaks. Installation of insulation around the window frame for enhanced energy efficiency.

Repair & Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance services to keep the vinyl windows in optimal condition and fixing issues that may arise over time.

Explore Our Top Vinyl Window Designs

Vinyl Awning Windows

Top-hinged design for optimal ventilation and rain protection.

Casement Window

Side-hinged operation for unobstructed views and easy cleaning.

Single Slider Window

Horizontal sliding operation for space efficiency.

End-vent Slider Window

Dual slider design with ventilation options for flexible airflow control.

Bay & Bow Window

Architectural projection for a visually striking exterior view.

Fixed Casement Window

Non-operable design for energy efficiency and a seamless appearance.

Single Hung Window

Vertically sliding lower sash for classic aesthetics and ease of operation.

Double Hung Window

Dual vertically sliding sashes for versatile ventilation and easy cleaning.

Tilt & Turn Window

Dual-function operation, swinging open like tilting inwards for ventilation.

Picture Frame Window

Fixed design for showcasing unobstructed architectural views.

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Get No.1 Vinyl Window Replacement Services in Calgary

Exterior Systems replacement windows don’t just make for a brilliant appearance, but they are high-performing and easy to operate. Choose from a variety of painted exterior brick mold and interior trim to screen and glass options.

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Window Installation Comparison: Vinyl Vs Aluminum Vs Fiberglass

Choosing the right material for windows: Vinyl, Aluminum, or Fiberglass?

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are budget-friendly with good insulation properties contributing to energy efficiency.

Aluminum Windows

Known for their slim frames, aluminum windows provide expansive look & resistance to corrosion.

Fiberglass Windows

These windows boast excellent insulation properties, resisting warping and cracking, provide a longer lifespan.



Regency® windows come with matching frames, gloss finish, and slim lines to create an enhanced elegant design. Our vinyl replacement windows allow for natural light to brighten your home.


Choose from a selection of simulated divided lites for an authentic glass appearance. Simulated lites are made of the same vinyl and are permanently adhered to the exterior of the glass. These can also be painted to match your home if desired.


Choose from a selection of simulated divided lites for an authentic glass appearance. Simulated lites are made of the same vinyl and are permanently adhered to the exterior of the glass. These can also be painted to match your home if desired.

Enhance the Energy Efficiency of Your Calgary Home with Vinyl Windows

FQAs for Vinyl Windows

Yes. Plastic normally resists thermal transmission, making it a great insulator. Installers will also add frame with foam to increase insulation.
There are many things for ensuring high-quality vinyl windows. Cross-section of a window frame & thicker material.

The cost depends on numbers & size of the windows as well as material used.

Vinyl window may warp over time if heat builds up in window frame. It depends on the quality of the vinyl, construction quality, and window style. 

Vinyl window repairing depends on the type of damage. Glass made windows can be replaced by a glass specialist or claiming on window warranty. Windows made with hardware and screens can also be replaced or repaired. The window frame is less likely to break but it cannot be repaired if cracks or warps. 

No, vinyl windows are not typically designed to be painted, as the material’s color is integral and doesn’t adhere well to traditional paint.

While painting vinyl windows is not recommended, if necessary, consult with a professional for specialized paints designed for vinyl surfaces and follow proper preparation steps.

Fiberglass windows offer higher strength and durability, while vinyl windows are cost-effective and low-maintenance, making the choice dependent on your priorities and budget.

Wood windows provide a classic look but require more maintenance, while vinyl windows are durable, energy-efficient, and require minimal upkeep, offering a practical and modern alternative.

In the context of windows, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is the same as vinyl. Therefore, PVC and vinyl windows are essentially the same, with both terms referring to the material used in window construction.

Professional installation is recommended for vinyl windows, ensuring proper sealing and functionality; however, DIYers can follow manufacturer guidelines and use proper tools for a successful installation.

Well-maintained vinyl windows can last 20-40 years, depending on factors like climate, installation quality, and maintenance practices.

Measure the width and height of the window opening at three points, choose the smallest measurement, and consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for precise measurements when replacing vinyl windows.

Clean vinyl windows with a mild soap solution and a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid abrasive cleaners or sharp objects that may damage the surface.

Customer Feedback for Our Services

Bruce KaufmanBruce Kaufman
20:48 29 Aug 22
Albert and Spencer, thank you ever so much for your terrific service. Through both the egress windows and the stairs off of our push out your workmanship was second to none.You arrived on time, worked well each day, explained each step from planning to completion and consulted as necessary. Thank you! As more work comes available or neighbours are looking for home improvements we would not hesitate to recommend your company.
Lyndsey ELyndsey E
20:53 29 Jan 22
We needed to replace multiple windows in our home. Albert was great to work with. Responsive, honest, friendly and knowledgeable. Gave us a fair price. The team provided a high quality of work and we are very pleased. We will be using them again when we are ready to replace our next round of windows. Would definitely recommend.
Sean BainSean Bain
23:26 03 Jan 20
We had Albert install a new front door for us, looks great and fantastic quality.
21:10 21 Sep 19
I saw the work they did on my daughters house. I am beyond impressed with the final results. I highly recommend this company. Thankyou Albert and family for doing such a wonderful job!!
18:40 17 Sep 19
Oh. Em. Gee!! My new window and 2 doors are absolutely beautiful! Albert, Lisa & Spencer all did an absolutely incredible job on my home. Due to the age of my house, I was not sure what to expect, and sure enough we ran into a snag with my window but Exterior Systems went above and beyond for me, and when I say above and beyond, i mean WAY above and WAY beyond. They fixed the issue, and completed the job in 1 day and I could not be happier. Feels like a whole new house. I highly recommend this company, not only do they own it, they are the ones installing and they definitely take extra care to ensure the job is done right. Don't even waste your time shopping around, these guys are the best choice by far. Thank you SO much Albert, Lisa and Spencer!!
Kerry RomneyKerry Romney
04:20 20 Apr 19
We had Exterior Systems complete two window jobs for us. One job was to cut in and replace windows in a basement. The second job was to replace existing windows in a basement. Albert was professional and courteous from the initial meeting and his quotes was reasonable. He completed both jobs and made sure to clean up everything after. We have recommended Albert to neighbours and friends. Because we really liked the job Albert has done, we will be using Exterior Systems to install a patio cover in the next few weeks.
Nam GuiNam Gui
02:41 14 Apr 19
Absolutely brilliant work! Albert and Spencer came out to do a quote onsite for me and my wife. They were extremely professional and courteous. Their knowledge with anything and everything to do with house renovations is precise and extensive. Albert could build you a house from scratch. Not only are they unbiased with their advice, they give you careful and caring results. I decided to do my entire house with brand new trim and I absolutely love thier work! I really felt they were more than fair on price and their work speaks for itself. Worth every dollar! Thank you Exterior Systems! Thank you Albert and Spencer! Job well done! We highly recommend Exteroor Systems for any of your house renovation needs!

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